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Gameplay recorder for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Redacted)

T6GR is a plugin for BO2 Redacted, which allows for the recording of various different render passes, as well as 3D animation data.


Download Here!

Zip Password: TeamA


To install, simply place the T6GR.Red32n file in to the BO2 Redacted/Plugins folder

General Configuration


t6gr_fps defines the frame rate of the recording. Due to technical limitations, this can only be set to factors of 1000. While you can input any value, it will be rounded to the nearest factor.

Valid values are: 1000, 500, 250, 100, 125, 100, 50, 40


t6gr_filename Gives a name to the recording. This will be used to name folders and files output by the recording


t6gr_directory specifies which folder to output recording files to


t6gr_record_streams toggles the recording of streams. If this is enabled, t6gr can record multiple render passes of the game consecutively


t6gr_record_3d enables the recording of 3D animation data


t6gr_record_cam enables the recording of camera data


t6gr_export_cam enables the output of a seperate camera data file. this .t6cr file contains the raw camera data in plaintext form

Controlling Recording

To begin recording, simply send the t6gr_start command, and to stop you can send t6gr_stop

It is also possible to make the recording automatically end at a specified time using the t6gr_set_end command.

Just sending t6gr_set_end without any argument will set the end time to the current time in theater mode.

You can specify an exact tick by using t6gr_set_end 25000 which will set the recording to end on tick 25000

You can clear the state of this command by sending t6gr_set_end 0 which will stop the recording from automatically ending


Configuring 3D Recording


t6gr_record_players enables the recording of player entities


t6gr_record_viewmodel enables the recording of the first person weapon viewmodel


t6gr_record_zombies enables the recording of zombies, obviously not applicable to multiplayer


t6gr_record_corpses will record corpses as seperate entities. By default corpse animations are merged with the entities recorded by t6gr_record_players


t6gr_record_projectiles enables the recording of projectiles such as grenades and missiles


t6gr_record_only_visible will only record entities whose origin is visible to the camera.


t6gr_record_submodels enables the recording of entities which are children of other entities. For a player character, this includes things such as the weapons the character is holding, or may have equipped on their back. This is usually not necessary as these models can be easily attached later.


t6gr_record_killstreaks enables the recording of entities called in via killstreak, such as helicopters or attack dogs.


t6gr_view_spectated causes the 3rd person character model to be visible while in first person mode. This needs to be turned on in order to record both viewmodel and playermodel for a spectated player at the same time.

Importing 3D Recording

Exporting Models

After recording your clip, there will be a file .t6gr_searchstring in the output directory. This is a text file containing a list of all the models needed for this recording. Use Greyhound to export the necessary models. Make sure to export them as .semodel format

Importing Animation


After installing the blender add on, go to File > Import > T6GR Importer (.t6gr). On the side menu, there will be an extra option labelled XAsset Path. In this text field you need to input the directory of your exported models. It should be something like:


After setting this, navigate to your recorded .t6gr file and click import. It may be useful to enable the system console beforehand, as blender will appear to freeze during the import process.


After installing the maya add on, in the top menu there will be a new entry T6GR. Go to T6GR > Import T6GR. This will prompt a file picker where you can select your T6GR recording file. Then another prompt will ask you for the directory of the exported models.


T6GR can record a large number of render passes

t6gr_streams_default Toggle recording of default world pass (no changes)

t6gr_streams_greenscreen Toggle recording of greenscreen pass

t6gr_streams_depth Toggle recording of depth pass

t6gr_streams_depth_distance ZDistance for the depth buffer

t6gr_streams_players_alpha Toggle recording of players pass

t6gr_streams_player_guns Show gun in players pass

t6gr_streams_green_players Toggle recording of green players pass

t6gr_streams_no_players Toggle recording of no players pass

t6gr_streams_no_gun Toggle recording of no gun pass

t6gr_streams_wireframe Toggle recording of wireframe pass

t6gr_streams_wireframe_world Toggle recording of wireframe (world only) pass

t6gr_streams_wireframe_gun Toggle recording of wireframe (gun only) pass"

t6gr_streams_wireframe_no_particles Toggle visibility of particles in wireframe pass

t6gr_streams_greensky Toggle recording of green sky pass`

t6gr_streams_materialspatch Toggle recording of material patch

t6gr_streams_gun_in_normals Show gun in normals passes

t6gr_streams_normals Toggle recording of normals pass

t6gr_streams_tangent Toggle recording of tangent pass

t6gr_streams_binormal Toggle recording of binormal pass

t6gr_streams_surface_normals Toggle recording of surface normals pass

t6gr_streams_lightmap Toggle recording of lightmap pass